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How To

Shedding light on new year intentions

Gantri's guide to a 2022 reset.

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Jan 03, 2022

2022 is here and we’re ready for a reset. Whatever your new year goals may be, we believe the key to success is all in your environment. This all begins with the right lighting and we’ve put together a guide to get you started.

If your resolution is…

To get more sleep

As part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm light helps our eyes adjust and get ready for sleep. We recommend choosing a bedside light that will do just that. Try TRAY Table Light for extra nightstand storage or Discus Table Light for minimal footprint and soft illumination. Both come with Gantri’s signature dimming switch for easy adjustment when it's time to wind down.

To spend less time online

It can be hard to stop the endless scroll on our phones but getting a break from that pesky blue light can do wonders for our mood and health. Try setting up a cozy space for other activities to give your eyes a rest and your brain a boost. If books are your next escape, try Aim Floor Light. It sits at the perfect height for your reading chair and can be easily directed where you need it. If entertaining is more likely to get you off your phone, try Palm Floor Light for an effortless glow throughout your space.

To eat healthier meals

After the holidays, many of us want to detox from weeks spent snacking on cookies and celebrating over champagne. Our recommendation? Make your meal times more mindful by creating a welcome dining space. Set the mood with candles, placemats and the warm glow of Cantilever Floor Light. Or (when it's warm enough) take dinner outside with the portable Kero Table Light.

To start a new hobby

Is this the year you finally get into calligraphy? Quilting? Coding? Whatever your hobby, you’ll want a proper workspace. Clean off that desk you bought in early 2020 and create a space you’ll want to spend time at. For more casual projects and computer work, try Tiny Table Light – a small fixture with a big impact. For more intricate work, try Aim Task Light for clear, directed illumination.