Aim Floor Light

Smart Design



The Aim Floor Light: subtle, adjustable, and within arm's reach - ideal for enhancing productivity or creating ambiance in your lounge spaces.

48"H x 8"W x 8"D


Museum-grade dimmable LEDs

Made from plants


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About this design

Design year: 2021

Introducing Aim Collection created by Smart Design - the first lighting solution designed for doing. From brainstorming your small business to planning your next getaway, Aim is designed to meet you where you are and lead you (and your lighting) in the right direction. Shorter than our usual Floor Light, Aim sits perfectly within arm’s reach. Ideal for reading or catching up on emails, Aim Floor Light gives your lounge spaces a boost of productivity. Its subtle look blends to any living space while its adjustable head provides direct illumination where you need it most.


Smart Design

New York, New York

Smart Design is a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter. We launch innovation platforms, redefine customer journeys, and create entirely new revenue streams. No matter how technology evolves, our fundamental goal rem...

Core 77 Design Award


Fast Company Most Innovative Companies

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Stands up and stands out.

Who has time for a 20-step installation process? Not us. That’s why Gantri Floor Lights are effortless to assemble—designed with rod connectors that help you go from box to brightness in record time.

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