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Gantri Plant Polymers

Plants > petroleum

While traditional plastic may be cheap and convenient, its impact is anything but. When petroleum is processed into plastic, harmful emissions are released into the air, putting our environment and communities at risk. If we continue to produce traditional plastic as usual, its greenhouse gas emissions could reach 1.34 billion tons per year by 2030. That’s why we created Gantri Plant Polymers, a new generation of sustainable, plant-based materials that function like plastics without negative environmental impacts. You can feel safe that your Gantri light is beautiful, durable and safe - for you and our world.

Sourced from nature

Co-developed by Gantri and colorFabb, Gantri Plant Polymers are formed by combining a high percentage of polylactic acid (PLA) with other bio-based compounds. Our PLAs are uniquely derived from sustainably-farmed, non-GMO sugarcane, and are much safer to produce than traditional petroleum-based plastics.

Produces 75% less CO2 per kilo

Crops are sustainably regrown

No carcinogens during production

The process



Raw crops are ground and transformed into simple sugar.



Simple sugar is fermented to produce lactic acid.



Lactic acid is dehydrated and converted into raw PLA.



Additives are mixed in to create our Gantri Plant Polymers.

Engineered for living

Not only are our materials sustainable, we engineered Gantri Plant Polymers to meet our stringent requirements for durability, impact resistance and heat tolerance. Gantri lights are made to last.

Durable materials

Our polymers offer similar tensile strengths to traditional plastics such as ABS and PET.

Drop proof

Every Gantri product is tested for accidental knocks and drops.

Temperature resistant

Our opaque blend is 50% more temperature resistant than raw PLAs and safe to use even near electronics


Our opaque blend polymer is used for all parts of the product that aren’t translucent.


Our translucent polymer is used primarily for diffusers in the lights.

Quality finish

We created two blends of Gantri Plant Polymers – opaque and translucent. Our opaque blend is finished with a premium water-based paint that’s beautifully smooth and soft to the touch. Our translucent blend is finished with a UV-protective coating and offers a unique diffusive effect akin to a hard paper lantern.

Designed for real life