Our mission

Empower creators to bring great designs to life

At Gantri, we believe in creator-led design. By harnessing digital manufacturing technologies and embracing unique storytelling, we’re generating an opportunity for creators to see their designs come to life. We’re blazing a new trail for premium lighting by skipping the tradeoff between design and price, form and function, quality and sustainability. The modern consumer deserves great design without compromise and at Gantri, we’re making that a reality.

Designed like no other

Gantri’s offering transforms the notion of what lighting can mean for us today. By collaborating directly with world-class creators to bring exclusive lighting designs to our marketplace, we’re redefining lighting for the modern home.

Creator-led approach

Each Gantri light represents our commitment to empowering creators. Through our process, we stay true to each creator’s vision to help develop lighting that echoes their voice. Every design has a story and we’re here to help tell it.

Original form

At Gantri you’ll find lighting designs you won’t see anywhere else. We’re proud to partner with authentic creators who bring a unique vision to every project. Our lights are always produced to reflect a new point of view, never to fulfill mundane market quotas.

Everyday function

We believe great design belongs in our everyday lives. From the moment a lighting design is born, we consider its place within the homes of real people like you. From illuminating your workspace to setting a dinner party mood, Gantri is there.

Made like never before

The future of manufacturing is digital. That’s why Gantri is producing premium lighting in a whole new way. As the first design manufacturer of its kind, we’re leveraging 3D printing to create products on-demand using plant-based materials.

Minimal waste, maximum reward

We manufacture locally and on-demand in the heart of California. This process reduces inefficiencies without sacrificing quality – less waste, better lighting.

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Gantri Plant Polymers

Our lights are made using a proprietary blend of sustainable materials. Gantri Plant Polymers are the world's first plant-derived PLA blends engineered specifically for premium lighting. With 75% less carbon emissions, we continue to lower our impact.

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A new path

Our innovative design and manufacturing process is breaking down the barriers often faced when bringing products to market. Compared to our luxury counterparts, our cutting-edge methods are making premium lighting more accessible than ever.

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The Ultimate Experience

Free shipping

No one likes to pay for shipping. We’ve got this one covered on purchases and returns.

Hassle-free returns

We take pride in the quality of our products. If you don’t absolutely love it, return it for free within 30 days.

3 year warranty

The durability of our products is a key factor in our development. If you experience an issue, we’ve got you covered for up to 3 years.

Designed for real life