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Empower creators to bring great designs to life.

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Transforming the design industry for the better of designers, design lovers and the planet.

Gantri is the world’s first digital manufacturer of lighting. We help independent creators bring original, sustainably-made lights to more homes.

Our story starts with curiosity. We wondered why we saw the same, mass-produced designs everywhere and why good lighting costs so damn much. We saw creators with original ideas, unable to get their designs into people’s homes. Why? The complex, costly process of mass manufacturing.

It can take up to 2 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a new product. Lights are made in the tens of thousands to fulfil production minimums, costing more in manufacturing, shipping and storage. Not to mention the environmental impact—lights are often made using toxic materials and unsold inventories are sent to the landfill in droves when trends change. With such heavy costs and high risk, we knew there had to be a better way.

At Gantri, we're building a future where independent creators can easily transform their ideas into real products. And where design lovers can fill their homes with original designs made with the environment in mind. Welcome to a new age of manufacturing. Digital manufacturing and creator-led designs are our future.

Digital manufacturing reimagines how designs are created, made and sold.

We invented a new way for new designs to come to life. Our pioneering digital manufacturing process uses software and 3D printing to produce lights on demand, cutting down development costs, waste and greenhouse gases. The entire process is 4x faster than traditional manufacturing from sketch to delivery. When you place an order, the light is built, quality tested, packaged and shipped directly from our facility in California.

By using this revolutionary technology, we’re able to give creators a platform to develop their ideas into products in a way that’s simple, sustainable and reaches more customers. Everyone benefits—it means that more people can afford to thoughtfully curate their space with original designer lights.

Creators design unique lights

We believe good ideas come from everywhere and creative expression is set free when there are no quotas. Creators use Gantri’s manufacturing guidelines and proprietary materials to turn their great ideas into real products.

Gantri manufactures on demand

Our new-age facility in the Bay Area uses 3D printing technology and proprietary software to manufacture lights with minimal offcuts. Made to order means that each light creates lower emissions and less landfill waste than traditional manufacturers.

Designer lights shipped directly to you

We believe in filling your home with objects that reflect who you are. Gantri makes it easy to find unique lights by top creators, at prices you can afford. Each is completely original, intricately considered and made to last a lifetime.

A new generation of lighting.

  • Emerging & renowned creators

    We partner with top designers around the world. Gantri creators are industrial designers, store owners, graphic designers, studios, artists and more — people with a unique story to tell.

  • Distinct designs

    We push the boundaries with innovative textures and seamless shapes to amplify our creators’ vision. We empower creators to bring fresh perspectives to thoughtfully made, everyday products.

  • Smarter pricing

    Everyone deserves great lighting. And because we use digital manufacturing and on-demand production in California, we can offer luxury lighting at 1/3 the price of traditional retailers.

  • Sustainable at every step

    100% biodegradable material made from sugarcane. Water-based paints and energy-efficient LED bulbs. The next generation of materials that are good for the planet.

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