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Beautiful kero light on a table


Beautiful kero light on a table

Empower creators to bring great designs to life.

At Gantri, we believe design enriches lives. That's why we’ve made it our mission to change the design industry from within, collaborating with leading creators from around the globe and harnessing digital manufacturing technologies to bring you lighting designs that combine beauty, functionality, sustainability, and affordability — without compromise. Welcome to the new generation of lighting.


We firmly believe that the key to great design lies in the talent behind it. Unlike traditional design brands, we identify creators with sharp perspectives and support them as they express their distinctive voices. The outcome? A new generation of creators, empowered to launch their own designs to the world.

Gantri took all the problem solving out for me. I was allowed to just be a creator and focus on designing.

Louis Filosa

Lighting re-imagined

Great lighting can transform a space and how you feel in it. At Gantri, we're taking lighting to the next level. Our stunning lights are exclusively designed by talented creators from around the world, and engineered and made by Gantri — here in California. This means no matter which design you pick, you're guaranteed a light that meets our standards for originality, quality, and sustainability.

The Gantri standard


Original ideas and unique perspectives that the world has never seen.


Dimmable museum-grade LEDs that create a warm, beautiful ambiance.


Crafted from Gantri Plant Polymers, our high-performance plant-based materials.


Made by Gantri in California. Backed by industry-leading warranty.

Manufacturing re-invented

Digital manufacturing has arrived.

Unique, small batch design doesn't work in the world of mass manufacturing. The need for scale means companies need to overcome huge hurdles in engineering, tooling, and inventory in order to make anything unique. Knowing the difficulties of manufacturing, we pioneered a new system. Digital manufacturing technologies simplify the design process and minimize inventory waste. This allows us to manufacture premium-quality designs at lower costs, offering more opportunities for creators and more accessible prices for design lovers.

Join our team

Passionate about beautiful design and cutting-edge technologies? Join our team of designers, engineers, and makers to transform the design industry. Find us in California. We operate our new-age Factory in San Leandro and our Studio in San Francisco.