TRAY Table Light




Introducing TRAY Table Light, the perfect bedtime companion designed to organize your essentials and set a relaxing mood with its warm, rippled diffuser, ideal for placement on your nightstand or entryway.

5.75"H x 9.25"W x 9.25"D


Museum-grade dimmable LEDs

Made from plants


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About this design

Design year: 2021

Silvon, the science-backed startup known for elevating ordinary home goods introduces TRAY Table Light, a new lighting design created to encourage better bedtime rituals. TRAY Table Light was created as a solution for cluttered nightstands. It features a small tray nested atop a cube shaped diffuser, creating a central location to organize your essentials as you ease into bed, preparing you for the day to come. The design takes cues from paper lanterns, with ripples gracing the exterior of the diffuser providing a warm, relaxing glow. The built in dimming switch provides versatile brightness for reading, mood lighting or simply winding down. TRAY Table Light is best suited for your bedtime essentials on your nightstand, or near your entryway to drop pocket items when you come home.





Austin, Texas

Founded in 2015, Silvon is a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand that elevates ordinary home essentials to serve a higher functionality. Following the success of its Kickstarter, which was funded by 2700%, the brand became known for its clinically-pro...

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