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5 ways lighting can turn your home into an oasis

How to use lighting to achieve ideal relaxation.

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Jul 19, 2021

As our schedules clog up and burn-out looms, it's important to ensure our homes are as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Your space should be an oasis, away from the noise and stresses of life. At Gantri, we know what a big role lighting can play, so we’ve rounded up five tips to help you achieve ideal relaxation.

1. Keep your lighting warm

Warm lighting is best for promoting relaxation because a warm glow feels the most natural. As part of our human circadian rhythm, as the sun goes down and lighting darkens – we feel more tired. Warm light stimulates restfulness, helping you wind down for the day and get a good night’s sleep. Warm light can especially enhance inherently cozy spaces like living rooms and bedrooms, giving you an extra boost of comfort.

2. Don’t forget the dimmers

Dimmers give you complete and intimate control over your lighting systems. As the night progresses, you can adjust brightness levels to match your activity level or set the mood in any space. Lucky for you, our Gantri Dimmer comes standard with every light. The unique sliding feature provides a better and more seamless dimming experience. Our high-quality cord and switch are bespoke parts from Gantri that will last for years and give you maximum control. It also provides a discreet look with ample length so easy, accessible reach.

3. Include lighting in your daily routine

You may already have a routine for getting relaxed at home – lighting a candle, pouring a glass of wine, turning on your favorite playlist. Lighting should be a part of that routine. If it’s time for bed, try dimming a nightstand light like TRAY Table Light for the ideal reading situation. If you’re snuggling up for a movie, switch off the lights, leaving on a single moody accent piece like Discus Table Light.

The more you incorporate lighting in your routine, the easier it will be to instinctively create a relaxing environment at every moment.

4. Choose the right fixtures

While selecting light fixtures is a stylistic choice it can also be crucially functional. Choosing the right fixture for the right room and activity can make all the difference when it comes to making your home the oasis you want it to be.

Instead of harsh overhead lighting, choose something sleek and dimmable like Palm Floor Light. With its minimal footprint and soft illumination, you will instantly feel more at ease in your living space. Clean up your entryway with Ember Wall Light that doubles as a helpful night light and coat hook. By rethinking your lighting fixtures throughout your space you can keep your space and your mind free of junk that no longer serves you.

5. Always layer your lighting

With multiple light sources, you can switch up the mood, create focused illumination, and protect your eyes from fatigue. Simply layer ambient, task, and accent lighting to smoothly transition a room from a bright work area during the day to a chic space for evening entertainment. Start with a base of ambient lighting by combining the natural light of a window with a commanding piece like Gio Floor Light. Then add any task lighting you might need like Suyo Table Light for your corner desk. Finally, add a little spice with a decor piece like Vollmond Table Light. For more about layered lighting and how it can help you create the ideal, relaxed living space check out our dedicated blog post.