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Aim Collection

Designed for doing

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Lighting where you need it

Introducing Aim Collection created by Smart Design – lighting created to meet you where you are and lead you in the right direction. Whether you prefer to work in the garage or your best ideas come while lounging on the couch, these four lights will turn any space into a productive one. From brainstorming your small business to planning your next getaway, Aim Collection lights were designed to help you crush your goals.

Transitional focus

Each light from the Aim Collection was created to be transitional. The unique designs can be moved or adjusted to aim towards the task at hand or provide an ambient glow for a shared experience. This versatility not only serves as a functional benefit but also provides different looks all within the same product.

Classic lights, reimagined

Aim Collection may function for the modern world but each piece pays homage to task lights of the past. Inspired by lighting icons, these lights are reimagined for the needs of today with their friendly shape and warm illumination.

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Smart Design

Smart Design is a strategic design company that helps people live better and work smarter. We launch innovation platforms, redefine customer journeys, and create entirely new revenue streams. No matter how technology evolves, our fundamental goal remains the same: make experiences more intuitive, enjoyable, and relevant.