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Palm Collection

Work better. At home.

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The first lights designed for working from home.

Today, our home is our workplace. But the home is fundamentally different from the office. It’s a place of calm, mindful refuge where productivity is just as important as wellbeing. So why shouldn’t the lights you use evolve to support our new reality? Palm is a new collection of task lights designed from the ground up to create a better work from home experience. From their organic, elegant silhouettes to health-first light diffusion, Palm will instantly elevate your space and your routine - whether you work from your living room, your desk or even your bedroom.

Organic elegance

We drew inspirations from the world around us to create Palm’s distinctively curved forms. We then obsessively refined every detail to ensure that it feels right from every angle. The result is a collection of lights that effortlessly balances warmth and elegance.

Built for modern tasks

The kind of work we do today has also evolved. Knowing that much of our work happens on screens, we created a new type of light diffusion that casts an evenly lit work surface instead of a high-contrast hotspot. This new approach to task lighting creates a more comfortable working environment that also reduces eyestrain.

Optimized for smaller spaces

We know how precious space is at home. That’s why we created Palm to occupy as little footprint as possible while maximizing light output. And in the case of the Palm Wall Light - none at all.

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Reach is a new lighting concept that strives to create organic, human-centric lighting designs that elevate our daily at-home experiences. The brand was established by Gantri on a fundamentally new premise - that our home is our way of life. It's our refuge, our workspace and our living space. We believe that lighting can not only transform our home, but also the lives we live inside it. Reach lights are designed for the full range of experiences at home: work, play, rest, think, create and connect. We concentrate on crafting beautiful, elegant designs that will imbue a calm, mindful environment to support your wellbeing. You’ll sense the difference right away in your space, your mood and your focus. You'll feel more uplifted and at ease. This is the Reach difference, creating lights that live with you and feel like home.