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A creative concept by Gantri

Reach is a new lighting concept that strives to create organic, human-centric lighting designs that elevate our daily at-home experiences. The brand was established by Gantri on a fundamentally new premise - that our home is our way of life. It's our refuge, our workspace and our living space. We believe that lighting can not only transform our home, but also the lives we live inside it. Reach lights are designed for the full range of experiences at home: work, play, rest, think, create and connect. We concentrate on crafting beautiful, elegant designs that will imbue a calm, mindful environment to support your wellbeing. You’ll sense the difference right away in your space, your mood and your focus. You'll feel more uplifted and at ease. This is the Reach difference, creating lights that live with you and feel like home.

San Francisco, California

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