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Analog Collection was born on a messy desk. Amidst post-its, product samples and paper scraps, Chris Granneberg imagined a happy task light to help him focus throughout the day. Inspired by his daughter’s legos and the soft, geometric shapes he’s returned to again and again, Chris began stacking 10cm cubes to form three friendly lights. From the obvious pop of color to the toy-like form, Analog is the embodiment of Chris Granneberg’s mission to bring joyful design to any space. Analog Floor Light is a colorful statement piece, sparking creativity in any corner. Brighten up your office space or add a pop of fun to your living room.


Design year: 2022

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Chris Granneberg

Industrial Designer

Chris Granneberg found design when he needed it the most. After an arduous adolescence spent winding darker paths, he took a promising right turn when he remembered his long lost love for the arts. Dabbling in graphic design, Chris developed a portfo...

Long Beach, California


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iF Product Design Award

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