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When Andrew Ferrier walks into an art gallery, he can’t help but acknowledge the lighting first. Fascinated by the mechanics and humble purpose of bringing light to a piece of art, Andrew created Gallery Collection. Designed to illuminate your home’s most precious possessions and corners, Gallery is function-first lighting that effortlessly blends into any space. Seen in the seamless blend from arm to diffuser, this collection was designed with defined purpose at every angle, eliminating any superfluous details. Gallery Clamp Light comes along for any artistic endeavor, attaching wherever you need it. Simply "clamp" it to your bookshelf to highlight your favorite art or secure it above your workspace to lend a hand.


Design year: 2022

Created by

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Andrew Ferrier

Human, simple, and clear.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Andrew Ferrier spent his early days surrounded by craftsmanship. Shadowing his father, a cabinetry man, he assembled furniture and learned from a young age to appreciate materials and products made to last. With an ...

Montreal, Canada

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