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Human, simple, and clear.

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Andrew Ferrier spent his early days surrounded by craftsmanship. Shadowing his father, a cabinetry man, he assembled furniture and learned from a young age to appreciate materials and products made to last. With an eye for customization and a true-to-Canada love for the outdoors, Andrew made his hobbies his own by tinkering with guitars, bikes, and snowboards. After an adolescence of various artistic pursuits, he stumbled into the world of design in school and never looked back. Today, Andrew Ferrier is an award-winning industrial designer dedicated to creating human-centered products with thoughtful materials. After years of traveling and studying techniques in Germany, London, San Francisco, and Mexico City he settled in Montreal where he designs furniture, homewares and consumer electronics.

Montreal, Canada

Get to know Andrew Ferrier

Where did your love for design begin?

I grew up tinkering with things all the time to make them more interesting – customizing guitars and bikes. I was also really into board sports and there’s an inherent creative culture there when it comes to customization and logos. I stumbled into design but it was sort of a natural extension of the world I came from.

Gallery Collection leans on your love of art. How did that manifest?

As I got introduced to design, I dived into art by visiting lots of galleries. I was almost more interested in the architecture and how the spaces were lit and set up. I loved the details of the spaces and the mechanics. It was so functional and adaptable for the humble purpose of lighting art.

You mention the idea of honesty being central to your design philosophy. What role does honesty play in this collection?

Everything there is there for a purpose – there’s nothing superfluous. The tilting function isn’t just for aesthetics, it’s useful. By blending the arm into the diffuser, I leaned into the function of 3d printing to create an honest product.

"I’m drawn to the humility of lighting created for the purpose of illuminating art."

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