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Muka Design Lab, the Bilbao-based studio that brought us Maskor Table Light, launches Arintzea – a new lighting collection sparked by the Art Deco influence within Basque architecture. Aptly named after the Basque word for “streamlined”, these mushroom-like lights feature smooth, clean geometries and a nod to vintage illumination. Arintzea’s bowl shaped diffuser offers an unobstructed glow while the simple base flaunts embellished linework that is equal parts Art Deco and signature Muka. With it’s off centered, slim stand, Arintzea Table Light can easily slip between books on your favorite shelf for a subtle decor moment. Muka’s designs are inspired by the award-winning duo’s life in the Basque region of Northern Spain. They’ve established a familiar design language that can be seen in the linework within Maskor’s diffuser, the bases of Arintzea and throughout other pieces designed by the studio. While Maskor ties back to the sea, Arintzea represents the balance of old and new architecture in Bilbao, a cornerstone of the Muka aesthetic.


Design year: 2021

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Muka Design Lab is an award-winning industrial design studio from the Basque region of Northern Spain. The designers are devotees of the Slow Design movement, specializing in sustainable, locally-sourced art designed to help people stay centered in a...

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