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Creating inspiring objects to make life more beautiful

Muka Design Lab is an award-winning industrial design studio from the Basque region of Northern Spain. The designers are devotees of the Slow Design movement, specializing in sustainable, locally-sourced art designed to help people stay centered in a frenetic, overstimulated world. From sustainable furniture to unique home appliances to industrial design, Muka continually advances the idea that every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece. They work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to turn those stories into everyday objects people love. Muka’s work has been featured in Architectural Design, Fast Company, Archi Expo, De zeen, Design Milk, El Pais, Diseño Interior and awarded at international design expos from Milan to Los Angeles.

Bilbao, Spain

Red Dot

Get to know Muka Design Lab

What is your design philosophy?

To create friendly environments and inspiring objects that make life easier and more beautiful.

What inspires you (in design or in life)?

We are foodies— we are constantly inspired by new tastes and good food from different cultures.

Tell us about some previous design work that you are proud of?

We’ve very proud of our Reves Chair. When upright, the chair’s back cocoons the user in a private space. It can also be folded down over the wooden frame, opening the user up to their environment. The Reves Chair has been awarded with a Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2015.

Tell us about your studio/workspace

Our studio is a five minute walk from the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, so we’re fortunate to be able to constantly experience new expos and events.

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Arintzea Collection

Inspired by the duality of architecture in Northern Spain.