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Arintzea Collection

Inspired by the duality of architecture in Northern Spain.

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A piece of Basque country

From the Bilbao-based studio that brought us Maskor Table Light comes Arintzea – a collection featuring smooth, clean geometries and a nod to vintage illumination. Born from a desire to share the unique Basque experience, Arintzea represents the balance of old and new within Bilbao. The collection takes cues from both the Art Deco ornamentation of iconic spots like the Mercado de la Ribera and modern monoliths like the Guggenheim Museum. Whether you choose the Table or Wall Light, Arintzea blends to any home design, bringing its special duality to any space.

Timeless design

Muka approaches their products with a slow design mindset – intentionally created, designed to last. Taking a note from 20th century lighting, they set out to create something to stand the test of time once you’ve invited Arintzea into your home. Regardless of your decor style, this collection was made to streamline your home aesthetic through lighting. Hence, it’s name – the Basque word for streamlined.

Touch of warmth

Arintzea was designed to bring warmth to any space and provide a sense of comfort as you move throughout your daily routine. This balance of high design and familiarity is essential to the Muka aesthetic and can be felt each time you turn on your Arintzea light.

Seamless fit

Gantri’s wall mount makes installing Arintzea Wall Light quick and seamless. Our single-screw system lets you easily unscrew anytime you decide to move or change up the location. Arintzea Table Light has an off centered, slim stand that can easily slip between books on your favorite shelf for a subtle decor moment.

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Muka Design Lab

Muka Design Lab is an award-winning industrial design studio from the Basque region of Northern Spain. The designers are devotees of the Slow Design movement, specializing in sustainable, locally-sourced art designed to help people stay centered in a frenetic, overstimulated world. From sustainable furniture to unique home appliances to industrial design, Muka continually advances the idea that every great design begins with a story that gives life to each piece. They work with talented local artisans and craftsmen to turn those stories into everyday objects people love. Muka’s work has been featured in Architectural Design, Fast Company, Archi Expo, De zeen, Design Milk, El Pais, Diseño Interior and awarded at international design expos from Milan to Los Angeles.