Since 2016, YOWIE has been a curated lifestyle shop and design studio, with a focus on work by independent labels, artists, and designers. Named "The Coolest Shop in Philadelphia" by Bon Appétit in 2019, the YOWIE brand has extended its outreach to include interactive design workshops, creative/art direction, and interior design consulting for hospitality clients that include Ethel's Club in Brooklyn, NY and The Deacon in Philadelphia and Dye House in Providence, RI.


Get to know Yowie

Does YOWIE have a design philosophy?

Although we don't have a formal design philosophy, I wanted to create products and spaces that are elevated but have a sense of humor or wink and a nod. I seek to create things that marry function and form in clever ways and bring joy to your everyday.

How does Yowie's playful design aspect tie back to the brand and Tiny Table Light?

When I was starting to ideate YOWIE in 2015, the home and interior scene was a space that didn't feel relatable to me. It felt very stuffy and at times academic and unapproachable. With YOWIE I try to source and create colorful goods with texture that make people smile. I love that our Tiny lamp looks like it could spring limbs and walk away. I was thinking about my early love of Disney a little when designing this!

How did the name "Tiny" come to be?

We kept saying "Aww" when looking at renderings of this lamp throughout the process. It felt like a little alien or mushroom or flower person and one day we just started calling it Tiny.