Arpeggio Collection

Our homes are our havens, somewhere we should be able to feel safe and content. Curating the right objects can help create a space that is calm and decluttered, refreshing and inspiring. This philosophy of creating simple, purposeful products that make us feel at home is the inspiration behind Arpeggio Collection, the first lighting collection from London-based 
Studio Elk.

Behind the design

Inspired by ceramics

Drawing inspiration from hand-thrown ceramic vessels, Arpeggio is characterized by sculptural forms and carefully crafted proportions. Cylindrical, vase-like diffuser is individually elegant yet balances nicely with other decorative elements, alluding to Arpeggio’s definition – a sequence of notes that together form a chord.

Meticulously crafted

Sensual softness

Skilfully pulled forms have a sensual softness punctuated by crisp transitions.

Balanced proportions

Silhouette and stance feel right whether standing alone or in a curated display.

Earthy palette

A warm earthy palette and dusty finish offers the styling versatility of minimal ceramics.

Made from plants

Gantri Plant Polymers are uniquely derived from sugar crops – corn, sugarcane and sugar beets. In addition, we only select raw crop suppliers that are committed to non-GMO and sustainable farming practices. Unlike traditional petroleum-based plastics, these innovative materials are safe, sustainable and most importantly – beautiful.


About Studio Elk

Studio Elk aspires to make change beautiful. Headed by Tony Elkington, the studio works with partners who challenge the norm to transform behaviors and perceptions. With a focus on people and planet, their design philosophy is rooted in achieving a simple lifestyle – an enriched home experience with technology that works in harmony with your daily rhythms.

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