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Design agency for change-makers

Studio Elk aspires to make change beautiful. Headed by Tony Elkington, the studio works with partners who challenge the norm to transform behaviors and perceptions. With a focus on people and planet, their design philosophy is rooted in achieving a simple lifestyle - an enriched home experience with technology that works in harmony with your daily rhythms.

London, United Kingdom

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Get to know Studio Elk

Who is Studio Elk?

Hi there! I’m Tony Elkington, founder of Studio Elk and designer of the Arpeggio Collection. Having worked as an in-house designer and for various design agencies, I set up Studio Elk to more closely align my work with my personal values. We work with “change-maker” brands with whom we can push boundaries and re-think our products, spaces and experiences for a better future. In the spirit of doing things differently, we don't operate like most studios. For starters, we don't have a studio at all. Instead we're actively building a virtual collective, hand-picking talent from around the world and across disciplines to pitch in when we need them. We find that by working in this way, every project has exactly the right people working on it. It’s early days, but we’re confident we’re onto something!

What inspires you (in design or in life)?

I’m inspired by new challenges – whether that’s solving a new problem, learning a new technique or trying a new experience. Both in design and in life I think that can make me a little restless, but it means I’m always pushing to find projects that I really believe are breaking new ground and worth getting behind. I really appreciate being in a position to choose what work I pursue, because caring about what you’re doing is the easiest way to stay inspired!

What is your design philosophy?

Just that it’s time for change, across the board. I personally feel that the design industry has a lot to answer for, and I’m not interested in adding to that list. As designers we have a responsibility to consider how our products affect the people who use them, and to minimize their impact on our planet. I have an optimistic (read, stubborn) belief that if we make more responsible solutions the most accessible and desirable option then we can make a real, widespread impact. That’s why we make change beautiful.

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