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Introducing Analog Collection

New lighting from Chris Granneberg for our Fall Independent Creator Release

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Oct 20, 2022

Analog Collection is the embodiment of Chris Granneberg’s mission to bring joyful design to any space. Inspired by his daughter’s legos and the soft, geometric shapes he’s returned to again and again, Chris began stacking 10cm cubes to form three friendly lights.

Chris Granneberg found design when he needed it the most. After an arduous adolescence spent winding darker paths, he took a promising right turn when he remembered his long lost love for the arts. Dabbling in graphic design, Chris developed a portfolio that landed him at Pratt with a roommate who introduced him to Industrial Design. Post graduation, Chris joined Karim Rashid's studio in NYC where he went from unpaid intern to Studio Director in just four years.

In 2016, after a decade of the NYC grind, Chris set off for Los Angeles to start a family and launch his own studio, soon becoming an early Gantri collaborator. Always approaching design with optimism, he chooses to create the joy he lacked within his darkest days. Chris believes it is his duty as a designer to deliver joyful experiences in everyday products and refuses to settle for the mundane. Life is simply too short.

Analog Table Light, the leader of the pack, is an unlikely task light that becomes the focal point of any desk – no matter how messy.

Analog Wall Light rotates 360 degrees, providing both function and fun at every turn.

Analog Floor Light is a colorful statement piece, sparking creativity in any corner.

We chatted with Chris about designing for joy, the ways kids have changed his perspective and how Analog came to life.

Gantri: You’ve said you don’t want to settle for joylessness. How does that mantra come through in design?

CG: I’ve really become sick of all the “junk.” We overproduce so much in this world that I don’t want to make things unless they are going to feel meaningful and create long lasting joy. At this stage in my life I just want to be a good person who makes good things.

Gantri: How has having kids changed the ways you approach your work?

CG: As a dad you spend so much more time just playing and your creativity comes out in different ways. I’m surrounded by toys like legos that obviously helped inspire the Analog Collection.  Overall, being a parent makes you so much more playful – authentically playful.

Gantri: How did Analog come about?

CG: I was looking at my messy desk and started to imagine a happy task light that would help me focus throughout the day and be this colorful focal point amongst the chaos. I threw a rendering on Instagram and the rest is history.

Analog Collection is now available starting at $148 in Carbon, Stone & Persimmon.