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Gantri’s holiday hosting tips

How to entertain at home this season.

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Dec 15, 2021

This year many of us are welcoming friends and family back into our homes to celebrate the holidays. While being a host can be fun, it can also be quite overwhelming – especially when we’re a bit out of practice. Here are a few tips to help you create the ultimate holiday ambiance in your home this season.

Opt for warm lighting

While Gantri recommends warm lighting all year round, it's especially helpful during the holidays to keep things cheerful and comfortable. Gantri’s Gantri’s LED bulbs create natural, warm illumination. Try a statement piece like Cantilever Table Light for a full living room glow. For bonus points, choose warm toned Christmas lights for the full effect.

Create a flow

Consider the layout of your space. Is there room for folks to flow from food to conversation? If bulky furniture pieces are in the way, move them to a more appropriate location for the evening. Maximizing your gathering space is key to keeping guests comfortable and having fun. Keep your lighting footprint small with a slim piece like Palm Floor Light.

Keep it festive

Entertaining is all in the details and small touches can go a long way. Carefully placed garlands around mantles and sideboards can add some effortless holiday cheer. We also recommend candles for an elegant, festive glow where lighting is dim.

Start set-up early

Minimize your stress by prepping your space earlier than you need to. Lay out serving platters with Post-its marking which dish goes where for easy set up when the food is ready. Do any deep cleaning earlier in the week so you can focus on making things festive. Finally, install timers for your lights so the ambience is set without even thinking about it.

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