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How To

4 tips to create intimacy at home

In collaboration with Nate Sprecher & Maude

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Jul 09, 2021

As the world begins to open up and we collectively exit the pandemic, many of us are looking for ways to reconnect. SPRK founder, Nate Sprecher designed his collection lights specifically for intimate moments so we asked him to spill his secrets for creating intimacy at home.

Set the scene

It may be obvious, but creating a clean and welcoming environment is essential for intimacy. Taking the time to do some basic vacuuming, dusting and decluttering can go a long way in preparing your space. Then - put a fresh set of sheets on your bed - white sheets are especially sexy. If you can, place fresh flowers or plants in your space for an extra touch.

Secure the music

It's helpful to have a selection of records or Spotify playlist on deck to create the vibe you want. The right music can really help us unwind and put us in an intimate mood. Choose music that pairs well with the night you’re planning – slow and soft music can be great for a sensual evening, or you can choose something with a beat to keep things light and fun. You and your partner can even create a shared playlist together for something special to listen to in the bedroom. For these moments, I keep a special playlist on deck.

Shut out distractions

It's very important to put your phone away, turn off the tv, and shut down your computer. We are so focused on tech throughout our day and we tend to get caught up in news and social media. Turning it all off helps you focus on the people you are with, whether that is a partner or friends. Intimacy requires offering your full attention, and it's always special to receive that level of attention in return.

Select the lighting

The right lighting is key to reducing stress, setting a mood, and creating an intimate space. Bright overhead lighting tends to be harsh and overbearing. Instead, try using accent lights - like the Discus Table Light - around the room. Using warm, soft accent lights mimics the romantic light created by fire. Adjust brightness using the Gantri dimmer switch to create a perfect atmosphere. For an extra boost of romance, use a single light in the bedroom that is just bright enough to illuminate your partner.

Using candles is another way to incorporate lighting. A candlelit dinner is the ultimate symbol of a romantic evening for good reason. The soft, gentle flicker and warm glow of a candle creates the ideal amount of light for an intimate moment.

Candles can also provide the perfect scents. Scent can generate powerful emotions, and the right scent can trigger relaxation as well as attraction. Don’t use candles that are overly perfumed - instead, use candles with a lite, subtle fragrance. A fan favorite is Burn no 2.0 by Maude. After it burns, the wax creates a soft, silky oil that you can massage into the skin, taking your intimacy to a whole new level.