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SPRK Collection

From dusk till dawn.

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Home is our most intimate space. It's where we can share our most true selves with the ones we love. At SPRK, we're all about enhancing that sense of intimacy through beautiful, sensual lighting that sets the perfect mood — from dusk till dawn. Making the effort is sexy, a philosophy that stems into founder Nate Sprecher’s process. Every detail is thoughtfully considered — from the way it’s made, to how it makes you feel. SPRK invites you to set the stage for your most intimate moments, one light at a time.

Discus Table Light

Discus Table Light is simple in form, but intricately considered. It’s distinct, floating disc diffuser casts a flirtatious glow. The disc is affixed to a pill-like base, casting light from within offering an air of mystique. Dimmable to your preference, Discus sets a seductive ambiance in your living room or bedroom where you share your most private moments.

Ember Wall Light

Ember Wall Light transforms the same design concepts into a whole new form factor. Ember takes cues from Discus by adorning a spherical diffuser embedded into a geometric base that features Gantri’s innovative wall mount for simple install. It’s also coupled with a versatile, built-in hook that allows for easy storage of your outerwear, keys or headphones. Ember is perfect for your entryway, offering guiding light to fuel your daily passions.

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SPRK believes home is the most intimate and special place. Founded in San Francisco by creative director Nate Sprecher, SPRK designs modern, considered lighting to help set the perfect mood. Whether relaxed, comfortable, or sensual - the warm glow of SPRK lights help create the perfect setting.