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Founded in 2015, Silvon is a direct-to-consumer lifestyle brand that elevates ordinary home essentials to serve a higher functionality. Following the success of its Kickstarter, which was funded by 2700%, the brand became known for its clinically-proven bedding, bath towels, and face masks that are woven with pure silver to naturally inhibit bacterial growth, a technology that is also used by NASA. In 2021, Silvon expanded its offering to home decor with TRAY Table Light, a product that was developed in partnership with respected lighting design house Gantri. As the brand continues to rapidly grow, it aims to elevate the everyday home experience through innovative yet functional designs.

Austin, Texas

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Why did you want to create a light?

Light quality has proven effects on mood, sleep habits and overall well being. We think bedroom lighting is equally important to our sleep as nice sheets. We wanted to create an innovative light that would become the center of your bedtime ritual. Gantri's expertise in lighting and our shared appreciation of innovative materials made them the perfect partner to help achieve our design.

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