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Drops Collection

A new kind of comfort

Creator image

Down to earth

It’s no accident that Drops Collection evokes the protective air of an umbrella. Always motivated by the natural world around her, Silvia Ceñal delivers a new collection inspired by water. Created for those who crave natural light, Drops yields an effortless glow to any space – big or small.

Cozy companion

Drops Collection features an elegant silhouette that feels classic and familiar while the subtly lowered shade creates a respite from our daily woes. Protective by nature, Drops is the ideal reading buddy or late night study pal.

Inspired optimism

Much like Silvia Ceñal herself, Drops Collection bears a hopeful, happy disposition. Much like the feeling of ducking out of the rain and into someplace warm, Drops creates a comforting ambiance with its cheerful palette and cozy illumination.

Back to nature

Always inspired by the world around us, Silvia crafted Drops Collection with natural light in mind. The relaxing glow is the perfect solution for pesky dark corners and areas that crave a window.

Silvia Ceñal

Silvia Ceñal has always approached her design work led by a fascination with “life materials.” Surrounded by nature for most of her life, Silvia is drawn to natural textures like wood and fabrics. Collaborating with Gantri and our plant-based materials was a logical next step. Inspired by the comfort of earth’s greatest gifts, Silvia’s work reflects the places she has been from the sea to the forest. Since she was a child, Silvia has held a voracious curiosity for colors and their ability to inspire optimism. As a little girl, she once marveled at a collection of hairpins in a store window and wondered how their beautiful colors were chosen. It was then she decided she wanted a chance to choose her own colors and channel her sunny disposition into design. Since then, Silvia has established her studio in the seaside town of San Sebastián – designing furniture, lighting and accessories with a decidedly fun disposition.