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Sam Gwilt is a UK based industrial designer making design more approachable for all. Gwilt’s work showcases his mastery of rendered imagery and his intimate understanding of materials. Naturally, his designs on Gantri is an exploration into physics, playfully exemplifying how lighting can articulate motion. After two years at Recipe Design working with clients such as Braun, he now works at design consultancy Layer. Sam also runs an Instagram and YouTube channel - sam_does_design - where he shares industry tips with the design community.

London, United Kingdom

Get to know Sam Gwilt

What is your design philosophy?

Look after the details, and the design will look after itself. I believe that it's important to not only have an overall solid design solution, but also solid and refined details. I like to be playful in my designs, whilst still remaining minimal and contemporary - my ultimate goal is to create an in-joke with everyone who interacts with the product.

What led you to become a designer?

I genuinely feel as though I have a constant need to create. Whether it was colouring crayons as a child, or building prototypes as an adult, creating something that didn't exist before really inspires me. One side of my family are engineers, and the other side are artists. I feel like design is the perfect combination of the two, and growing up in that environment gave me the foundations of my design education.

If you weren't a designer, what would you be?

I had an idea in university to turn a rundown urban warehouse into a coffee house and clothing store. A group of us did the branding, fashion design, and interior design, and the branding work is still in my design portfolio to this day. I think without design, I'd love to own and run a coffee shop with a strong community of customers with a first name basis.

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