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Pavone Collection, Viviana Degrandi’s sophomore Gantri project, represents a new era of her work. Inspired by the peacock, the symbol of rebirth, Pavone radiates light from a diffuser reminiscent of tail feathers. Designed as an invitation to the home, Pavone’s welcoming shape and warm light create an idyllic moment in any room. The illuminating body, enclosed between two shells, diffuses the light radially – creating a balanced glow throughout your space. Designed for those who prefer to take things slowly, Pavone Wall Light is the perfect companion for your reading nook or meditation room. Simply install it above any side table or console and dim as you like.


Design year: 2022

Created by

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Viviana Degrandi

Industrial Designer

Hailing from Milan, the heart of Italian design, Viviana Degrandi has always felt a calling to make her creative ideas a reality. Growing up surrounded by classic architecture gave her a sense of responsibility to approach her work with a careful, st...

Milano, Italy

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