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Baltra Collection is the embodiment of sculptural mood lighting. Inspired by the image of a soap bubble being blown through a ring, Baltra Floor Light embraces organic forms with whimsy and joy. True to Kickie Chudikova’s ethos, this floor light, sparks joy while creating balance in any space. While mirrored in energy, all three lights from Baltra Collection have distinct purpose and intention. Baltra Floor Light is a love letter to sculpture that makes a statement in any living space.

BedroomKitchen & DiningLiving

Design year: 2022

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Kickie Chudikova

Industrial Designer

Kickie Chudikova was born into color. Raised in Slovakia, she grew up in an old modernist house built by a renowned 1930s architect. Each wall was a different saturated hue left behind by the previous tenant – a painter. In the 1970s, her parents emb...

Brooklyn, New York

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