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Hula Table Light is a careful collaboration of both direct and indirect lighting, designed for small spaces that need an extra boost. Inspired by the ways in which lighting affects well-being, Felix Pottinger created Hula as an answer to the shrinking spaces inevitable to city living. The light that flows up through the top of the diffuser, creating an illusion of higher ceilings while the light that comes through the bottom brings a warm glow on any surface. Hula’s round, friendly shape echoes the hula hoop – bringing a playful and familiar energy to any room. Slip this Table Light onto your entryway sideboard for a warm welcome or make it the star of your nightstand for the perfect evening wind down. Hula is a thoughtful piece that carefully fuses direct and indirect lighting wherever it goes.


Design year: 2022

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Felix Pöttinger

Growing up among the forestry industry, watching architects and craftsmen select their materials, Felix Pottinger was always drawn to objects made to last. After studying in Munich, Austria and London he landed a position working under the influentia...

Munich, Germany

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