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Much like everything that comes out of Bambú Studio, Cloche Collection is inherently familiar. The soft rounded dome feels accessible while the overall structure is reminiscent of lamps from our childhoods and pasts. Inspired by timeless design sensibility, Cloche stays true to Bambú Studio’s ongoing dedication to soft, curvaceous shapes. Cloche Collection is simplicity at its very best, making it the ideal lighting solution for any setting. Born as a study of curvature, Cloche evokes the soft, delicate shapes central to Bambú Studio’s composition. Gentle by nature, Cloche is a non-intrusive fixture that effortlessly provides the familiar comfort of warm, natural light.


Design year: 2022

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In 2016, an old building once owned by the rolling paper company, Bambu, got a new resident. After 10+ years of independent design work, Javier Moreno founded a new studio. Inspired by his design philosophy steeped in honored legacy, Javier chose the...

Alcoy, Spain

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