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Float is inspired by Japanese glass fishing floats, which bob gently on the surface of the sea. Designer Viviana Degrandi says Float was created to be versatile: You can hang it on the wall or lay it on its side. “When it's on a table, it almost seems like the sphere is floating on water,” she says. “I wanted to create a light that was flexible, gentle, and simple — that would fit in any room of the home.” Float is great for your living room, bedroom, or any large room. Its glowing sphere gently illuminates the entire space, evoking the tranquility of the ocean on a calm day. Bring the spirit the sea to your home with Float.


Design year: 2017

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Viviana Degrandi

Industrial Designer

Hailing from Milan, the heart of Italian design, Viviana Degrandi has always felt a calling to make her creative ideas a reality. Growing up surrounded by classic architecture gave her a sense of responsibility to approach her work with a careful, st...

Milano, Italy

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