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Lago is Portuguese for “lake,” where Brazilian designer Heitor Lobo Campos found his inspiration. He rows three times a week on Lake Paranoá. “I’m fascinated with how the water moves—whether it's a still day with mirror-like water or a windy day where you can barely row,” he says. He designed Lago’s shade to simulate a body of water wrapped around a cylinder. This light was made for people who love clean, minimal aesthetics — with a splash of character. It has a slim profile, but can cast a bright light that illuminates a hall, office, or bedroom. Enjoy the calm of a gentle breeze on a lake with Lago.


Design year: 2017


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Heitor Lobo Campos

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Heitor is a product designer from Brasília. He has worked on a variety of projects—bikes, watches, washing machines, lights, and more—and his designs often reflect a sense of whimsy or and joy. He is a believer in beauty. “I try to make product as pr...

Brasília, Brazil

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