Table Light

A modern take on a classic

Inspired by the iconic kerosene lamp of the past, noun studio brings us Kero Table Light. With a nostalgic design you can move around the house, Kero is centered on the intersection of mobility and familiarity. Led by Elvin Chu, noun studio thoughtfully designed a timeless lantern for the modern home. Created for endless possibilities, Kero moves with you, providing light at every turn.

Beautifully nostalgic

Like its oil-powered predecessors, Kero Table Light features a prominent handle that beautifully frames the diffuser. Its lantern-like look offers vintage vibes with a modern twist for just the right amount of nostalgia.

Moves with you

Made to move throughout the home, Kero Table Light is perfect for adding supportive lighting at your work desk during the day or an ambient glow for al fresco dinners on your patio. The handle makes transport a breeze while the conical base lifts the light off the ground for easy cord wrapping.



Effortlessly cozy

Kero’s generously sized diffuser emits a warm light in all directions, fit with an adjustable dimmer to control the intensity depending on your mood and environment. Kero creates cozy lighting wherever you need it, always emulating that classic kerosene glow.


San Francisco, California

noun studio is an industrial design studio based out of San Francisco founded by Elvin Chu. Elvin created noun studio as an outlet for creative experimentation outside of his day-to-day work. Driven by curiosity of the ordinary and timeless details, noun studio strives to evoke emotional connections among people, objects, and their environments through meaningful design.