Baltra Collection

Kickie Chudikova

New York, NY

Inspired by nature’s “perfect shape,” the egg, Baltra embraces ovoid forms to create sculptural designs that embody a sense of balance. True to Kickie Chudikova’s ethos, Baltra feels optimistic and calm, delivering the perfect answer to a fast paced lifestyle.

Meet Kickie Chudikova

Raised in Slovakia, Kickie Chudikova grew up in an old modernist house built by a renowned 1930s architect. Each wall was a different saturated hue left behind by the previous tenant, a painter. In the 1970s, her parents embraced the found color, adding complimentary bright furnishings like red floral carpets, orange pendant lights, and green kitchen cabinets. These foundational experiences inform her approach to design and her focus on expressive colors and evocative forms that spark joy. In 2020 she set up her independent studio in New York City, through which she collaborates with brands to create innovative designs with a positive impact on people and the environment.

Meet the Baltra Collection

The Baltra Collection is comprised of three lights that each have a distinct purpose and intention.

Baltra Table Light


Baltra Table Light is an accent piece for entryways and side tables. An egg-like diffuser balances atop a small catch-all tray for an added dose of functionality.

Baltra Lantern Floor Light


Somewhere between a floor and table light, the Baltra Lantern Floor Light is easy to move around and use both indoors and outdoors. It imparts a soft light that creates a warm, glowing environment for social gatherings and intimate moments.

Baltra Floor Light


Inspired by the ephemeral shape of a giant soap bubble being blown through a ring, the Baltra Floor Light is a dynamic statement piece whose form changes as you move around it and approach it from different angles.