Independent Creator Release

Summer 2023

Radiant optimism

Sara table lamp resting on a table
Ufo table lamp in a living room


Step into a world of radiant optimism with Independent Creator Release, Summer 2023. Featuring five designs by four designers across three continents, our latest release is not only about new lights, but also a celebration of hope, creativity and functionality. Figra is the brainchild of Berlin-based artist Simon Schmitz. This collection is a playful dance of light and geometry, effortlessly blending engineering principles into sculptural beauty. Figra isn't just a light source—it's a conversation starter, a piece of art, and a testament to Simon's belief that functional objects can also be lifelong companions, enchanting us with their simple yet curious charm. Next, we introduce Squish, a delightful reimagining of the classic light bulb by the innovative team at BEBOP. An embodiment of their mission to create emotional connections between people and objects, Squish is a soft, inviting presence in your space, infusing it with a playful, optimistic glow. Its whimsical form serves as a reminder that even in our fast-paced world, there's always room for a little fun and curiosity.

In the spirit of resilience and adaptability, we present Field Trip by Joey Zeledón. Born from the challenges of the pandemic, this portable task light is more than just a device—it's a steadfast companion for both kids and their design-loving parents. With its sleek pencil caddy and easy portability, Field Trip helps transform any corner of your home into a vibrant learning space. And last but certainly not least, we invite you to indulge in the ethereal charm of Macaron, a creation by the visionary Brazilian designer, Romulo Temigue. Inspired by a dreamlike sketch, Macaron is a slice of surrealism for your everyday, providing a soothing, ambient glow perfect for unwinding. Romulo's background in architecture and love for the fantastic shine through in this design, making Macaron a delightful treat for your senses. Each design in this release embodies our shared optimism, offering a unique perspective on how we interact with light, space, and each other. These designs aren't just about brightening rooms—they're about brightening lives, sparking conversations, and encouraging a more thoughtful way of living. In these trying times, we invite you to explore and engage with these whimsical creations, allowing them to bring joy and optimism to your world.

Ian Yang

Founder & CEO

Meet the designs

Inspired learning

Field Trip Table Light

by Joey Zeledón

Field Trip is the first portable task light to incorporate a caddy in its base, making it a perfect companion for busy kids on the go and their design-savvy parents. Inspired by the difficulties so many encountered during the pandemic, Field Trip is designed to make any corner of the home a place for learning. Whether seated at the desk, the kitchen table, or on the living room floor, Field Trip will help you find your focus. With a sleek compartment for pens and pencils, a neck designed for easy cord-wrapping and carrying, and a minimal, elegant silhouette, Field Trip is as functional a study tool as it is design-friendly. You’ll love it as much as your kids and maybe even more.



Joey Zeledón

Baltimore, Maryland

A love for shoes initially drew Joey Zeledón to industrial design, but it was his passion for creating purposeful objects that really solidified his career. After studying Industrial Design at RIT he went on to work at top companies like OXO, Google, Ford, and HP before starting his own studio in 2022. Splitting his time between Barcelona and Baltimore (where he serves as an advisor to MICA’s Product Design program), Joey creates differentiated, story-driven consumer goods with a focus on giving the objects he designs a purpose beyond pure function. Over the years his work has garnered over 40 industry awards and been published widely. Joey is the author of Touchy/Feely, a book about emotional ergonomics.

A slice of whimsy

Macaron Table Light

by Romulo Temigue

Macaron Table Light is a delectable treat that transforms spaces with its surreal and captivating design. Inspired by a dreamlike sketch drawn up by its visionary designer, Macaron provides a reason to stop and smile amid the hustle of daily life. Sandwiched between pops of vibrant color, Macaron’s unique 360º diffuser provides ambient mood lighting ideal for playing records in the den or playtime with the kids, wherever you need a little help to relax and unwind.



Romulo Temigue

São Paulo, Brazil

Trained as an architect, Brazil-based Romulo Temigue is a multidisciplinary designer whose work spans lighting, furniture, graphic design, and photography. Romulo is drawn to the fantastic, always seeking to turn ideas born of his imagination into tangible shapes. Inspired by seminal figures such as Ettore Sottsass and Philippe Starck, Romulo’s work prioritizes unusual forms and colors to create otherworldly but functional objects that are useful, long-lasting, and never-before-seen.

Engineering elegance

Figra Table Light

by Simon Schmitz

Figra collection is equal parts lighting and art. Through its playful intersection of basic forms, Figra creates a sculptural statement with ease. Inspired by engineering principles, the lights orchestrate a precise balancing act between contrasting geometries that is both effortless and unconventional. Despite their apparent simplicity, the pieces also invite a sense of wonder as they intersect a volume of pure light with a volume of color. Whether placed in an entryway, living room or as the centerpiece of any gathering space, Figra Table Light will steal the show and become a source of curiosity and conversation. Each piece in the collection serves a dual purpose, acting as both a source of illumination and as a piece of art. Let Figra light up your home and the eyes of anyone who enters it.


Figra Wall Light

by Simon Schmitz

With its asymmetrical composition, Figra Wall Light is anything but your typical sconce. Hang it up in your bedroom, where the dual-sided diffuser will provide excellent ambient lighting, or let its sculptural presence captivate as the new focal point of your entryway. Each piece in the collection serves a dual purpose, acting as both a source of illumination and as a piece of art. Let Figra light up your home and the eyes of anyone who enters it.



Simon Schmitz

Berlin, Germany

Currently based in Berlin, Simon studied art before starting his independent design studio. With a focus on lighting design, his experimental approach combines art, function, and a dose of drama to create products that will serve as lifelong companions to his customers by remaining useful, nice to look at, and interesting to think about.

The lightbulb reimagined

Squish Table Light


Squish is a whimsical take on a familiar form: the lightbulb. In asking, “How might a simple action affect such a classic shape?” the design captures a moment of curiosity and transforms a ubiquitous object into something entirely new yet still recognizable. With a small footprint perfect for apartment living, Squish is a friendly companion for the nightstand or home office, providing a sculptural source of lighting and optimism while adding a hint of playfulness to any space. An embodiment of studio BEBOP.’s signature approach to design, Squish is soft, inviting, and fundamentally human.




Seoul, Korea

Based in Seoul & San Francisco, BEBOP. is a team of energetic and optimistic industrial designers creating emotional connections between people and objects. Their collaborative approach encourages all designers to develop their individual perspectives and ideas in an open environment focused on their shared mission: making a positive impact in the world through design.


Designed for real life, made just for you.