Independent Creator Release

Fall 2022

7 emerging creators. 20 original designs. A new generation of lighting.


From the beginning, our goal at Gantri has been to leverage the potential of 3D printing to create a new generation of lighting designs that combines artistic storytelling with everyday functions. The key to that vision is our partnership with an incredible group of independent designers on the rise. ICR Fall, our biggest-ever launch featuring a whopping 20 designs from 7 emerging creators, celebrates these talented individuals, their diverse perspectives, and our collective dedication to better living through design. Kickie Chudikova translated her optimism into calming, egg-shaped Baltra lights. Whereas Chris Granneberg utilized bright colors and geometric shapes to create an overtly happy Analog Collection that will put a smile on your face. Felix Pöttinger focused on the emotional benefits of lighting through Hula Table Light, which aims at alleviating cabin fever and enhancing small spaces. Two long-time Gantri collaborators: Filippo Mambretti and Viviana Degrandi, drew upon their own stories to create collections that are distinctively Italian yet completely distinctive. Pavone Collection offers a more modern classical take, while Noah Collection (named after Filippos's newborn) presents a sleek contemporary vision of Italian design.

Our task lighting offerings are vastly expanding — for home and workplaces. Andrew Ferrier created a complete tasking solution in his 4-piece Gallery Collection, inspired by his love for art and the elegant, nondescript forms of gallery lighting. PROWL, a women-led studio, combined their utilitarian design approach and materials focus on creating Focal Collection, which takes its inspiration from clinical lighting and features a unique 3D printed texture. While each collection tells a unique story that reflects the creator's background and philosophy, they're all designed with the user experience in mind — whether it's to create a cozy mood before bedtime or to help you focus on your task at hand. In an era where AI is flipping our understanding of creativity upside down, ICR reflects our dedication to original storytelling and user-centric design approach. These 20 new lights embody craft and meaning, story and utility, forming a genuine human connection between the creator and the user. The quality, variety, and price points of these products are unparalleled within the consumer design space. I'm super excited to incorporate some of the pieces into my daily routines. I hope you'll enjoy them in yours.

Ian Yang

Founder & CEO


Meet the Creators and their new lights of ICR.

Kickie Chudikova

Baltra Collection

Andrew Ferrier

Gallery Collection

Prowl Studio

Focal Collection

Chris Granneberg

Analog Collection

Viviana Degrandi

Pavone Collection

Felix Pöttinger

Hula Table Light

Filippo Mambretti

Noah Collection