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Gantri Factory

Sustainable local manufacturing.

Manufacturing reimagined.

At Gantri, we believe that the future of manufacturing is digital. This is because industrial manufacturing lead to oversupply and waste, while traditional hand-crafting makes high-quality design too costly. Instead, we built a next-generation factory that uses cutting-edge 3D printing technology to produce luxury-quality products without industrial inefficiencies. The result? Great design that's more sustainable and more attainable.

Meet Gantri Dancer


Our custom-engineered 3D printer.

Meet Gantri Dancer


Our custom-engineered 3D printer.

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Gantri Dancer is the the world’s first 3D printer specifically designed for manufacturing consumer goods at scale (patent-pending). It not only eliminates industrial manufacturing inefficiencies such as tooling and waste materials, it’s 4x the speed of other desktop 3D printer without sacrificing quality. It allows us to offer small batch, luxury-quality products at mass market prices. Gantri Dancer is completely designed, engineered and built in-house and is only used to manufacture Gantri products at the Gantri Factory.

Smarter software.

Gantri Factory isn’t just all muscle - it has smarts too. Our intelligent production management system automatically plans out jobs for each machine, and adjusts stock levels in real time. It maximizes our production capacity and minimizes inventory, so you don't pay for these inefficiencies and there's less waste.

Locally made. Always.

We believe that products should be made closer to where they’re consumed. This not only reduces unnecessary shipping (one of the world’s biggest pollutants) - it allows us to maintain high quality standards while employing local workers. That’s why we built our first factory in California and we’ll continue to invest in expanding our North American production for US and Canada customers.

Get involved.

Love to design and build cutting-edge technologies, or want to get your hands dirty operating our machines? Join us at our HQ in San Francisco or at Gantri Factory in San Leandro.