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Cerra Collection

Unexpectedly Familiar

Creator image

An exploration of curves

Cerra Collection was born from an obsession with the everyday curvilinear forms that surround us. True to Bradley’s design ethos to push the envelope through technology, he embraced Gantri’s 3D printing method with his renowned sense of futuristic optimism. Turned on or off, Cerra’s soft forms feel right at home exactly as they are.

Active flow

Cerra Collection balances thoughtful minimalism with intentional movement. While the clean lines provide a calming vibe, the unique twisting form breathes a burst of life into your space.

Ideal diffusion

At Cerra’s core is a careful study of the curved lines that surround us. Inspired by the way a flower opens and closes, the lights of Cerra Collection deliver perfect illumination that naturally focuses and diffuses within your home.

Future forward

Bradley Bowers has staked his career on never looking back. With an affinity for technology and a passion for creating brand new designs, Bradley approached Cerra Collection with uninhibited imagination. These striking lights are undoubtedly like no other.

Bradley L Bowers

New Orleans based designer, Bradley Bowers refuses to fear the future. Instead, he stays optimistic about what lies ahead and believes that an idea worth having should be ahead of its time. Always reaching for a science journal over a design magazine, Bradley strives to push his own envelope by considering creations that wouldn’t be possible 100 years ago. While many artists reject the assistance of technology, Bradley embraces the possibilities that come with it – bringing designs to life in his studio of innovative software and 3D printers. In Bradley’s world, if everyone likes his idea, he just hasn’t pushed it far enough. When Bradley arrived at Savannah College of Art and Design to pursue his education, he had no idea how many disciplines there were available to explore. With an open mind, he decided to try everything. Since then, he has never been interested in boxing himself into a particular medium or style. Instead, Bradley lets his ideas guide him to whatever form they require and lets his audience find him. From jewelry and ceramics to furniture and lighting – Bradley simply believes in creating what he feels needs to be created.