Top 5 lighting picks for your home office

Work more productively with better lights.

Written by Gantri Editorial Team

Dec 10, 2020

Photo by @mandymadd

Treat your eyes with better light this year with Gantri, made to bring “home” back in working from home. Whether you’re busy on Zoom or writing your next paper, our beautiful, head-turning designs will transform your daily at-home experiences. See some of our favorite picks to help you work at your best.

Buddy Table Light by Mona Sharma

Why we like it: A perfect companion for your office, Buddy Table Light's whimsical design keeps you productive with it's tilting head.  

Palm Task Light by Reach

Why we like it: Palm Task Light small footprint and small curvatures makes your work day feel more like a vacation than actual work.

Gio Task Light by Ammunition

Why we like it: With it's directable and oversized head, Gio Task Light emits perfectly diffused light for your task at hand.

Suyo Table Light by Mckay Nilson

Why we like it: Suyo Table Light comes with a built-in storage base to keep your space tidy. Also doubles as a planter to bring some green to your desk.

Clara Vertigo Table Light by Lorenzo Cartasegna

Why we like it: Inspired by owl's and their movement, Clara Vertigo Table Light has 360 degrees of motion to direct light to whatever you're working on.