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Cloche Collection

Delicate simplicity

Creator image

Gentle by nature

Much like everything that comes out of Bambú Studio, Cloche Collection is deeply familiar. The soft rounded dome feels accessible while the overall structure is reminiscent of lamps from our childhoods and pasts. Born as a study of curvature, Cloche evokes soft, delicate shapes that provide effortless comfort and warmth.

Echoed composition

Cloche Collection carefully calls back a timeless lamp shape we all know and love. Updated with a modern design sensibility, Cloche feels brand new but leaves us feeling like it's been here all along. Known for celebrating and elevating the familiar, Cloche fits right in to Bambú Studio’s breadth of work.

Studied curvature

With real people always top of mind, Bambú Studio designs pieces that parallel the gentle, soft shapes that make us human. Born as a study of that curvature, Cloche Collection is no different. The curvaceous form is effortless and non-intrusive, making it seamlessly fit into any space.

Timeless comfort

Cloche Collection provides not only the warm illumination we love and require, its simple stature delivers an immediate sense of calm. The soft, rounded dome feels right at home in your bedroom or study and the gentle glow quiets the noise of your busy day.

Bambu Studio

In 2016, an old building once owned by the rolling paper company, Bambu, got a new resident. After 10+ years of independent design work, Javier Moreno founded a new studio. Inspired by his design philosophy steeped in honored legacy, Javier chose the name, Bambu Studio. Since then, we’ve witnessed Javier lead collaborations with brands and clients across the globe – all from his small hometown of Alcoy, Spain. Inspired by familiar shapes with a Nordic sensibility, Bambu Studio cuts out the noise to produce effortless products designed with real people in mind. From furniture and home goods to lighting and kitchen products, Bambu consistently celebrates curvature. Every project reflects a careful study of the soft, gentle shapes that make us human.