Ammunition Lighting Collection

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Designed by Ammunition and made possible by Gantri’s radical approach to manufacturing, three new collections of lighting are now available for people seeking a better approach to design, craft and sustainability as they shape and illuminate their spaces. Named Carve, Gio and Signal, the three collections are inspired by Gantri’s digital manufacturing process and the intricate, organic and unexpected possibilities it provides compared to conventional manufacturing. Sustainably produced using advanced bio-plastics and manufactured in California, each light is 3D printed on-demand, hand assembled and finished in a process that feels less like industry and more like artistry. Featuring table, floor and wall-mounted lights, the Ammunition-designed collections are available for purchase exclusively on Gantri.

Gio Collection

The Gio Collection is inspired by Italian lighting designs of the 1970s that sought to remake and refresh historic archetypes through new materials and processes. The unique character of the Gio Collection came to life by manipulating and rationalizing classical geometric elements so they interact with each other in playful ways. The elegant shapes connect and merge seamlessly, with a material presence and character found commonly in crafted ceramic objects. The familiar yet uncommon forms give the lamps sculptural qualities that stand alone as interesting objects even when they are not illuminated.

Signal Collection

The Signal Collection features louvered slats that are fused to the main body of each light through the 3D printing process. The slats were inspired by the functional aspects of exterior architectural louvers used to bring light and air inside. Here, the slats allow light to be directed intentionally, while bringing a softer feel to spaces. The simple geometry of the floor, wall, and table lights combined with the bold louver pattern gives the collection a look that is somehow both friendly and modern.

Carve Collection

The Carve Collection’s monolithic forms and seamless surfaces feel carved from stone rather than assembled like conventionally manufactured objects. Standing upright, the collection’s table light casts a wide, bright light to illuminate work surfaces or tasks. And when placed on its spine, it can cast light upward to create ambience through reflected light. The smooth form of Carve’s pair of wall lights contribute only a subtle ripple to wall surfaces while casting targeted light. A tall and narrow floor light rounds out the collection by producing a surprisingly bright downward beam it spite of its compact footprint and shade.

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Ammunition is a studio dedicated to putting design talent at the center of imagining, creating, and operating new product and service ventures. Founded in 2007 and based in San Francisco, California and Brooklyn, New York, the studio is led by partners Robert Brunner and Matt Rolandson. Ammunition places entrepreneurs in close contact with a forty-person team of designers with expertise in physical and digital product design, service design, brand identity, user experience, graphic design, and packaging. Winner of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award for Product Design, the studio has been named one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies in Design” five times.