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Ursa Minor Table Light in Carbon, 8″ tall by Studio Kër

Ursa Minor Table Light

Studio Kër

Honolulu, Hawaii



A beacon of African design, Ursa Minor Table Light illuminates your home with stories of heritage and unity, weaving tradition into any modern space.


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8"H x 8.5"W x 13"D


4.75"W x 4.75"D


3.5 lbs.






Can be used to light an entire space.


Very bright


E12 LED Dimmable Bulb (included)

2700K Color Temperature

600 Lumens, 6.4W

Bulb change

Compatible with:

E12, T6, 65mm

How to change bulb


Plug-in, dimmable switch on-cord.


SGS for UL and CSA

Materials & care


We use two innovative blends of Gantri Plant Polymers (GPP) for our lights—sustainably derived from non-GMO sugarcane sourced from Thai farms.

Opaque blend

Translucent blend

The base of each design is crafted using our opaque polymer for a smooth, matte finish.

Additionally, the light comes with a sturdy cord made with durable TPE and has a flat wall plug.

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Care Instructions

Keep your light shining bright. Clean with a soft, moist towel. To disinfect, dab a cloth in rubbing alcohol and wipe thoroughly.


For lights with rotation capability, ours can turn a full 320° in both directions. To preserve their longevity, please refrain from exceeding this range.

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Illuminating ancestry


Ursa Minor transcends being just a table light—it's a vivid expression of African artistry and a symbol of unity across generations. Its form, inspired by the intricate patterns and earth tones of the African design ethos, reflects Studio Kër founder Michael Bennett's deep connection to his roots. More commonly known as the Little Dipper, a historical beacon of freedom, Ursa Minor Table Light shines with a purpose. Its radiant glow not only lights up spaces, it sparks conversations about heritage and community. With its African-inspired design and inviting warmth, this beautiful light is a seamless blend of art, history and functionality. It creates an ambiance that fosters togetherness and stands as a lasting impression of cultural legacy that bridges the past and present.

Design year: 2023


Studio Kër

Honolulu, Hawaii

Michael Bennett, ex-NFL star and the creative force behind Studio Kër, crafts African-inspired furniture that intertwines his ancestral roots with contemporary design. Based in Hawaii, Bennett transforms each piece into a narrative, reflecting his personal journey from football to a path of self-discovery. This shift was more than a career change—it was a profound drive to reconnect with his African roots and translate the rich stories he has uncovered into tangible forms.

The Gantri standard


Award-winning, creator-led designs that will elevate your space and create more belonging.


Dimmable museum-grade LEDs that create a warm, calming ambiance for whatever you do.


Crafted from plant-based materials that are beautiful and better for the planet.


Made by Gantri in California. Backed by an industry-leading warranty, so you can have a peace of mind.